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Since 1932 we have endeavored to offer statistical services and data to assist in bringing adequate insurance protection to every individual. Our reports and sales publications are widely used throughout the country. Below is a list of several of our current publications if you find yourself wanting more information about any reports click on the"Contact Us" link below and submit a request.  

Standard's Independent Comparative Report 

This report features a financial ratio analysis comparing an individual company (or group of companies) with the 25 leading companies in the United States. 

This report is published for: 

  • Life, Annuity, Accident & Health companies 

    • Life and Annuity companies are compared to the 25 leading United States Life Insurance Companies. 

    • Accident & Health companies are compared to the 25 leading United States Accident & Health companies. 

  • Fraternal Benefit Societies

    • Fraternal Benefit Societies are compared to the 25 leading United States Life Insurance Companies.  

  • Property & Casualty Insurance companies 

    • Property & Casualty are compared to the 25 leading Property & Casualty Insurance companies. 

Standard's Growth Record Report 

This report features the Growth Record in significant areas of insurance operations. The growth record of an individual company is compared to the 25 leading United States Life Insurance companies.

Growth records are shown for Assets, Total Reserves, Surplus, Premium Income, Total Income, Net Investment Income, Policyholders' Benefits and Insurance In Force. 


  • This report is published for Life, Annuity and Accident & Health companies 

Special Website Reports

This report is developed specifically as a part of a company's website. Website reports are available for Life and Annuity companies, Accident & Health companies, Fraternal Benefit Societies and Property & Casualty companies. 

Personal Budget Book

This book is a "Budget Starter" illustrating the fundamentals and mechanics of preparing a personal budget for the first time. With this book you can create a financial plan to help you track your income, expenses, and help you plan ahead for special financial goals, like retirement, college, and financial emergencies. 

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